Composition course for Primary 6-7
Course costs: £200 for one class, £350 for two classes, £650 for four classes.

Twelve 30-minute lessons over twelve weeks, taking the children from first principles to the composition of their own two-part 16-bar piece. This course uses cartoon characters and breaks the concepts into small chunks helping the children to develop their own motifs and modify them in various ways (repetition, retrograde, sequence, etc). The children will need to use a free piano app on their tablets / computers. For those pupils already playing musical instruments there are extension activities allowing them to notate their piece using free online software.

Musicianship classes for Primary 1-4
Course costs (15-min per day, 4 days per week, 30 weeks): £2400 for two classes, £4200 for four classes, £5400 for six classes.

A Kodaly-based scheme taking children through sol-fa principles using engaging pictures, games and songs. This course is taught 15-minute a day, 4-days a week for 30 weeks. The course uses five progressive workbooks and teaches the children both to sing, write and read solfa.

Floor piano for Primary 6-7
Course costs (six 45-minute lessons): £180 per group.

Combine music learning with aerobic activity by re-creating the scene from the movie 'Big' with your classmates. Using our four floor pianos, the children will learn to work cooperatively to play Chopsticks and Heart and Soul. The arrangements are taught in five complementary levels, allowing each pupil to find the level most appropriate for them. This course is normally taught over six weeks in groups of eight, but can be adapted to other times and group sizes.

Musical STEM for Primary 3-7.
Workshop costs: £80 per 2-hour workshop, max 30 participants.

Two-hour workshops adaptable to classes between P3 and P7. Each workshop includes a musical group activity, a science lesson including practical experiments, a beginner-level piano lesson related to the experiment, a video relating to the topic, a movement activity and a review worksheet to evaluate comprehension. Topics include:
- Patterns: Learn about patterns in our environment and play a song with repeated patterns
- Vibrations: Explore frequencies and playing songs 'by ear'
- Bending: Bend light and bend a melody using the Blues scale
- Inventions: Learn about Bartolomeo Cristofori and play songs on bananas